The following is a list of facts about Fred Rowson.

1. Fred Rowson is the leader of his local Colour Spectrum group, and is an avid follower of world-famous spiritualist and author, Nigel Mitcham Hayes.

2. He has been sent various awards, many of which he is trying to return. These include the Grand Prix for Fashion Film’s at the 2016 Ciclope Awards, and a nomination for Best New Director at the UK MVAs, 2015. You can watch all of his FILMS here.

3. Fred is also a budding Art Theorist. He is only aware of roughly a dozen works of art, but has already published his thesis on what he considers to be The Perfect Work of Art.

4. Fred was a frequent and vocal critic of controversial photographer Oscar Lander, who met an untimely end in the summer of 2017.

5. Fred’s obituary was published prematurely in the summer of 2016. You can read it here.

6. Music Videos
Richard Grewe | Colonel Blimp

7. Commercials
Paul Weston | Colonel Blimp